Construction & Economy Slow down – An approach for better Solutions

Construction and Economy Slow down  An approach for better Solutions

Economy Around the world has various aspects to think and implement.

These days we are hearing and drop down in the world economy and hence result in loss of job, increase in criminal cases, poverty and many more……………

Everybody in this world is talking about the crises all over the world in each and every sector.

Do you know and wish to share your views, so that a valuable solutions can be worked out and we all gentle human being try to act on the right way for a better life, environment and business in future.

Basic need of Human being is Roti, Kapada aur Makaan (Food, cloth and shelter). Food, Cloths and Shelter/Home. First Each Country have to Control these sectors so all country man should assured of food, proper cloths and House.

FOOD: Start with food, Govt. has to control the high fluctuation in food items from one place to another by way of controlling Maximum Sale Prices of any specific item. This way the stocking mafia is controlled and the excess food can be diverted to other areas of need.

CLOTH: Every person had to ensure a job for their livelihood as per their education and govt should start free education, Mostly Technical to every citizen, so that they will get a job finally after education or can start a business. Education Mafia has to be controlled. FREE EDUCATION TO ALL  UP TO DEGREE LEVEL.

HOUSE: Now a days real estate is handling by Mafia and their is no control on price, the building and land prices are increasing with a speed that a normal earning people could not think of a House of their own. Even it is difficult for any start up to buy a land and think of any business.  The price is increasing like a bubble and finally it will burst with the worst economy and huge difference between class of peoples.

We believe that if these can be properly controlled the growth will be simultaneous and peoples will be happy and difference in class can be maintained.

All the countries including India is looking for better inward flow of International currency, Gold stock and better growth to maintain import & export flow.

All the people are working hard to earn money either through service, job or business. People of Big countries are settled in High economy countries for better growth and business and help their native country with money for his family and social activities and business development. This is the one way how the economy of countries are getting stronger.

Growth inflation in any sector should be genuine not like a bubble, which inflates at high speed and burst down to give a worst time for everybody.

Hope Construction and Economy Slow down  An approach for better Solutions might click the top dictators of the world and construct a better environment.

Do you think that It can not be controlled??????

What do you say about Politician earning lot of Black money and getting rich rich rich with the Public money. Waste of Hard earn money deposited by Peoples.

What do you say about Judiciary and Police administration. We believe that these sector should be very highly paid and their will be no chance of any bribe and if found should be punished as high as no body think again in future.

I humbly invite valuable comments of  Senior Leaders, Senior economist, Senior administration and Senior Judiciary, Media persons, various experienced persons of the different areas of society for  happy countries worldwide.


  1. Thanks Linnea,
    We appreciate your suggestion, we shall try to visit your strategies.

    Best regards,
    Nagendra Naruka, Dharti Craft, India

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