Natural Cleft finish Natural split stone

Hi Friend, Do you now about finish called NATURAL CLEFT or NATURAL SPLIT FINISH?

What is Natural split finish?

Natural Split finish or Natural Cleft is only possible in those stones which have the tendency to split manually with the help of small tools used manually like hammer, chisel etc. Stones like Sandstone, Slate, Limestone, Quartzite have the tendency to split manually and that is why these are available in natural cleft finish.

How actually we do it!
You may also go to our You tube video to see how actually it is done “NATURAL SPLITTING BY DHARTI CRAFT”. Basically while mining we cut out some small blocks of stones and then with the help of chisel and hammer we try to split less thicker (say 25mm / 50mm / 75mm thick,) to split into  multiple pieces from that block of say 24x24inch. After splitting we get many pieces and all will have natural cleft surface so we do not touch the surface by machine processing and hence we get Natural cleft finish. Visit our you tube link to experience it by your naked eye. 

The basic to understand the Natural stone splitting is just slicing, how you slice a bread, it’s with a Knife, same has been done while we process the big blocks of Sandstone, Granite, marble or travertine. When this process of slicing is done manually with small tools, like hammer and chisel it is called as natural splitting. The benefits of natural splitting is to maintain the natural cleft finish on the surface of sandstone or slate stone. Make sure that Natural cleft splitting is not possible in Marble and Granite stones. Hope it is clear.  We wish you good luck and thanks for reading our post and your understanding.

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