Is Fantasy brown a marble or Quartzite

Is Fantasy brown a marble or Quartzite?

Is Fantasy brown a marble or Quartzite?

There are thousands of natural stones available in the world right now. One of the hottest countertops stones on the market right now is actually is Fantasy brown.

 Cool gray waves and smooth swirls tumbling diagonally across the slab, stunning mineral formations, and the faintest hues of gray and rose make this a truly unique stone. But what is it? Is it quartzite as so many fabricators label it or are the suppliers who categorize it as marble correct?

Fantasy Brown Marble is not your average marble. Many suppliers actually label it as a quartzite so that their buyers can anticipate the hardness and durability of the stone. This hardness means you can use Fantasy Brown in your kitchen without having to worry about it getting etched or stained easily.

Geological aspect of Fantasy Brown :-

Geologically it does have calcium carbonate, which is a defining feature of marble.  It is extremely a hard marble with a  very low risk of etching or staining. In other words, it behaves like a quartzite.  Most broad stone types like marble or granite include a wide variety of different mineral compositions. Some marbles are much harder than others, and the same goes for quartzite. So, the precise geological term for a stone is not always a guarantee of how the stone will last or stand up to normal wear and tear.

Fantasy Brown Quartzite is a durable, reliable countertop choice. With proper sealing once to twice a year, you won’t have to worry about etching or staining. Quartzite is scratch resistant, but we don’t recommend cutting on your natural stone, as it will dull your knives!

Fantasy Brown has smooth, diagonal lines of translucent gray and white with swirls of faint pastels, making it a great choice for homeowners who want the look of marble but the durability of quartzite.  it’s a combination of quartzite minerals and calcite – calcite being a soft mineral and quartzite being a hard one.  So this stone, depending on its density plus quartzite to calcite ratio, can be pretty darn durable but that durability will fluctuate with the ratio of quartzite to calcite in the slab. The more quartzite, the more durability.

Is Fantasy brown a marble or Quartzite?
Technically It is a Marble, but There’s More to the Story
Is Fantasy brown a marble or Quartzite

Fantasy Brown stone can vary in color and pattern from batch to batch. Home owners should make their final choice only after looking at the full slabs.

The price of  Fantasy Brown Marble runs same with other marble from India like Rainforest Brown, Rainforest green marble  and it can typically be found in both standard polished and brushed finishes.

What Kitchen Styles Work Best with Fantasy Brown Marble/ Quartzite?

The neutral palette of Fantasy Brown Marble makes it easily adaptable to a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary. Edge profiles can make all the difference when it comes to highlighting the different characteristics of this countertop. For example, use an Ogee Edge in a traditional kitchen or a Laminated Straight Edge to give Fantasy Brown a contemporary look.


What Cabinets Match Fantasy Brown Marble/ Quartzite?

Again, like the white marbles which it resembles, Fantasy Brown Marble/ Quartzite naturally complements quite a few cabinet colors and styles, including white, black, gray, cream, cherry and maple.


What Backsplash Matches Fantasy Brown Marble/ Quartzite?

If you are installing Fantasy Brown Marble in your kitchen, the backsplash is a great way to add in a bit of classic white marble. Fantasy Brown has a touch of color, so a mini-subway tile in a bright white marble is just enough contrast to look different than the countertops without clashing.

Looking for Fantasy Brown Marble/ Quartzite Origin of India. Visit us or order us for a full container load supply. We send bundle wise pictures of Fantasy brown marble/ Quartzite pictures for your approval before measurement and final dispatch. We assure best quality and price for Fantasy brown marble / quartzite.


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