Black Soap stone is a metamorphosed stone, easily worked igneous stone characterized by a “soapy” feeling when touched.  Black Soap stone is available in Mostly Black Color and Dark Grey. Black Soap stone has heat retention qualities, which  make it an ideal for cladding stone,  for free standing coal or for wood fired room heaters.  Soapstone is also a chemical, stain and weather-resistant stone and is most useful for sinks and laboratory tops.

Black soap stone from India has a vast demand in the world market according to its characteristics and its great applications. 

DHARTI CRAFT, INDIA offer Black soapstone Polished slabs for decorating buildings or installation in residential as well as in commercial buildings. This soapstone is widely used for Kitchen Sink, Kitchen Tops, Vanity, Table tops, Sink Tops, Laboratory tops etc. The Black soapstone is available in different finishes like Honed, Sawn, Polished etc.


Why Use Black Soap Stone?

Black Soap stone is available in slabs mostly and it has great properties like Soapy feeling, Heat Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Weather Resistant, Stain Resistant.  These wonderful quality of the stone make it a best choice for your interior, exterior, schools, laboratories, Hospitals, Public places, Hotels and overall the black color which is a great choice world wide. We recommend the use to this great Black soapstone for your Projects, House, Commercial or Residential buildings for Walls stones, Floor Tiles, Kitchen tops and various other applications.


DHARTI CRAFT, INDIA supplies best quality Black Soapstone Slabs in 3cm thickness regularly to the world stone wholesalers and distributors. We are exporters, Suppliers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers of Soapstone tiles and slabs from India and assure you best quality always in terms of quality stones, best packaging, Cheapest Shipping and quick after sales support. We are a Black Soap stone Slab Supplier India, Black Soapstone Manufacturer India.

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Classification Soapstone Origin- India
Offered  Slabs and tiles
Finishes  Sawn, Honed, Polished.
Standard Dimensions Slabs 3cm thick.
  Calibrated & Bevelled Tiles 10mm
  305x305mm / 305x610mm
  Cut to Size Tiles of 2cm thick - No.
  Only on special requirement.
Tailor Made Specifications Possible
Recommended Applications  Interior & Exterior (Shaded)
Suitability Low traffic
Consistency High
Fragility Sound
Delivery Fast
Packaging Wooden Crate / Pallets