Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone

Mint color paving slabs with natural fossil enhance the beauty of Indian SandstoneThe Mint fossil Indian Sandstone  is used for Wall cladding and paving slabs. In addition to flooring stones, Treads, lintels and as gardening stones. Furthermore it is suitable for construction near seashore or as a flooring stone. Especially, It is used as  wall facing in chemical industries due to its acid and alkali resistant properties. This is very strong stone and best for exterior flooring.

Each patio paving slab is unique, this characteristics of hand quarried natural stone make it different and beautify naturally. Furthermore, Each piece has its own unique look and may vary in color & texture of the same type of stone.

Applications - Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone Paving :-

Sandstone is widely used in Construction and decoration of building interior and exterior.

Origin - Fossil Mint Sandstone is origin of India. India has a large range of paving slabs, Sandstone, Granite, Marble, Slate tile.

What are the finishes available in Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs:-
Fossil Mint Sandstone is available in only one finish, Natural split. Especially due to its fossil leaves present on the stone surface. Therefore, Mint fossil Indian sandstone is extensively used as paving stones for exterior flooring and gardens.

Appearance - Fossil Mint Paving Slabs are basically from the family of Mint Sandstone  with 30 - 40% natural fossil. These fossil figures is scattering  leaf like patterns, warm and pleasing. Especially This stone is having unique fern like fossil shapes on them which are formed by mineral deposits. Hence it helps in adding a distinctive touch to its appearance. Finally It is beautiful natural Sandstone paving with a mixture of yellow, buff, and ripened mango colors.

Wholesale Supplier of Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone to London, United Kingdom & Ireland.

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Indian Sandstone Specifications


Classification Indian Sandstone
Quarry Deposit Compact
Quarry Excavation Block
Chisel Splitting Not Possible
Gang Saw Sawing Possible
Offered in Blocks, Slabs & Tiles
Finishes Offered Natural Cleft
Standard Specifications

Random Slabs not available


Cut to size tiles 22mm or 20-30mm Thick
30 x 30 / 60 x 30 / 40 x 40 / 60 x 40cm
60 x 60 / 60 x 90cm

Custom size also available.

Tailor-Made Specifications Possible
Carved Articles Possible
Recommended Applications Interiors & Exteriors
Suitability Medium to low traffic.
Consistency Fair
Fragility Sound
Delivery 4 to 6 weeks
Mint color sandstone paving slabs with natural fossil on it
Mint color paving slabs with natural fossil figures for garden paving