Granite is an igneous rock that can form in any array of colors depending on its mineralogy and quartz composition. Granite is a hard and very tough stone that has been used for centuries in construction andelicatus-white-3-copyd monuments that need to stand the tests of time.

Indian Granite has become a point of interest in real estate marketing for its use in kitchens and bathrooms as counter top surfaces due to is durability and appearance.

Granite Popular Applications:-

Hospitality & Restaurants
Feature walls
Commercial Spaces
Columns & Pillars
Monuments & many more…..

DHARTI CRAFT, INDIA presents its collection of Indian Granite Stones in a variety of colors. We provide you with complete information regarding the product to make your selection more informative & useful. Granite is a versatile stone, which means that it can be produced and finished in many different finishes. It is scratch-resistant thus making it a popular building material for the counter tops.

Indian Granite shall continue to be one of the most popular construction and building materials for residential as well as commercial buildings and for decorative pieces due to its various favorable characteristics.  Granite is a hard rock very resistant to scratches and a durable product and it is the most beautiful and pleasing stone. Granite stone that has been processed for internal and external use, for example granite Tiles & slabs are honed, flamed, satin, brushed, leather, sanded, grit blasted, finish textured etc.

Granite Maintenance:-

The normal use of knives will not scratch the surface and hot cookware can be placed directly on granite without dulling the finish. Granite will not chip unless you decide to use a sledgehammer. Granite must be sealed with a water-based sealant in order to prevent oil and water patches from staining. This should be done every six months or a year for high usage areas and every two years for other areas.

Use a cloth and water for everyday wiping. A quick rubbing with a dry towel will remove the water marks and bring back a quick shine. To maintain the glossy finish, use a non-abrasive cleaner such as glass cleaner.

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