Jack Black slate stone tile

Jak black slate stone tile

Jack Black slate stone tile is bold black colored slate. Jack Black slate stone tile is having natural sheen on its surface that gives it a exclusive look and thus is pretty preferred stone all over the world. Jack Black Slate is a beautiful and versatile product that adds a feeling of warmth and timeless elegance to compliment or feature any design. We recommend to seal the tiles with good sealer for long life and maintenance.

Jak Black slate stone is authoritative and evoke strong emotions & give to the surroundings a more sophisticated look. Hand slected for texture and color, each Jak black slate stone tile / slab creates a exceptional surface. The natural highlights of our Jack Black Slate tiles produce amazing effect that changes subtly with both natural and artificial lighting. The Jack Black Slate tiles specifically chosen for their rich color, surface texture and durability, with either a honed or a natural face surface, will make a truly individual design statement in any living space. They can be used to create a dramatic effect in a number of situations - whether as a feature wall, or as the main floor of a living room.

DHARTI CRAFT is a leading exporter of Jack Black Slate stone tile, Slate Stone Tile, black slate wall tiles, black stone tile, black slate tile 12x24, Indian black slate floor tiles and slabs from India. We always to recommend the slate stone with a good quality sealer for long life and smooth maintenance. We are Jak Black Slate stone Suppliers, Exporters, Manufacturers and wholesalers from India.

Jack Black Slate is a beautiful world wide selection for a great look to any interior and exterior, architects always prefer black tiles and it is always the first choice for roof slate tiles. Flooring slate tiles.

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Classification Slate Origin India
Quarry Deposit Layered
Quarry Excavation Hand split layers
Chisel Splitting Possible
Gangsaw Sawing Not possible
Offered In Tiles, Slabs, cut to size
  Both faces natural
  1)One face natural, other Calibrated 2)One face Honed - other face Calibrated.
Tailer Made Specifications Possible
Carved Articles Not possible
Recommended Applications Interior and exterior
Suitability Medium to Low Traffic
Consistency Fair
Fragility Sound
Delivery 4 weeks
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