Kandla Grey cobbles


Grey Cobbles for driveway paving

Grey Cobbles

Kandla Grey Cobbles Stone  or Grey  Cobble Stone is a hand chiselled natural paving stone or natural Hard Sandstone that tapers from top towards bottom surface which provides perfect setting. Grey Cobbles stone is available in wide range of Sizes, Color and thickness, they can be used on low, medium and heavy traffic areas as the landscaping stone. Various innovative ideas have been used in different patterns which produces modern to ancient look.

DHARTI CRAFT, INDIA present you a collection of Natural Cobble stone processed from Sandstone, Limestone and Granites.

Cobblestone is a natural building material based on cobble-sized stones and is used for pavement roads, streets, and buildings.

Specifications of Kandla Grey Cobbles Stones:-

Finish                : Both sides natural split
Edges                : All edges to be hand dressed.
Standard Sizes: 10x10, 14x14, 10x20cm etc.
Tapering            : Top to Bottom.
Custom Size     : Available as per requirement
Thickness         : 3-5, 4-6, 5-7, 6-8, 7-9, 8-10cm.

Cobble Stones are processed from:-




Sandstone cobbles colors Autumn Brown cobbles, Kandla Grey cobbles, Yellow Musk cobbles, Charcoal Black Cobbles, Mandana Red Brown Cobbles etc.

Lime stone cobbles colors Kota blue cobbles, Kota Brown lime cobbles, Black lime cobbles etc.

Available Sizes :
 10x10cm/ 14x14cm / 20x10cm/ 20x20cm.

Thickness          :
  3 - 5cm,  4 - 6cm, 5 - 7cm, 6 - 8cm and 7- 9cm etc.

Granite Cobbles:-

Available in - Manga Pink- Red Cobbles, Grey cobbles, Black cobbles and yellow color cobbles.

Sizes - 4x4x4 / 4x4x2 / 6x6x6 / 10x7x3-4 / 8x4x3-4cm etc.
Customized requirements are also processed.

Coverage Area Per 1000Kg:
40 Sq.Mtr / thickness (cm) Use Middle Thickness for calculation example for 3-5cm thickness, Use 4cm.

Pieces Per 1000Kg:
400000 / (L*B*H)CM

Packing Specifications:
Packing Specs for Crates
1) Quantity Per crate: 1000 to 1100Kg or 1 to 1.1 MT per crate
No. of crates per container: 25-26

2) Loose Stuffing directly in container also possible

Weight: Roughly 2.50 grams. per cm.3 or CM( L*B*H*2.5/1000 = Kg per piece).

Quantity: One 20' container will contain 27.5 MT gross.


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Kandla Grey Cobbles
Kandla Grey Cobbles
Kandla Grey Cobbles