Indian Marble

 About Indian Marble

 Marble is a type of metamorphic rock formed by Calcium Carbonate when subjected to high temperatures and pressures over thousands marble slabs | marble floor tileof years. Therefore resulting in a stone capable of taking a high glossy polish. This ageless material is the basis of architectural wonders, artistic masterpieces and beautiful  living spaces. 

Marble slab | marble floor tile is one of the most versatile materials discovered by man. Its elegance and durability make it a prime choice for many and varied uses. However, the main uses of marble are construction, interior decoration and sculpture.

One of the principal properties of marble is its ability to achieve a natural glass like polish. Marble is polished by abrasion until it reaches its natural glossy luster, this luxurious finish can last for years.

Marble is made of more than 90% calcite (calcium carbonate). But it's the remaining percentage of "impurities" that grant different varieties / color and characteristics. Marble can be translucent, purple, white, brown,  green, black and grey. Furthermore it can have a uniform color and texture or have spots, swirls or veins.

Famous monuments (Seven wonders of the world) like the "Taj Mahal" in India have been built with white marble. Marble was the basis of Greek architecture and was the principal building material for the Parthenon and the Acropolis.

Marble Slab | marble floor tile Suppliers

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Marble is a luxury stone and is now a days available at affordable prices in form of tiles, slabs, steps risers, counter tops, marble handicrafts with painting and golden work which finally increases the beauty of the surroundings.

Indian Marble is recommended for flooring, wall tile, Countertops, Table tops, Kitchen tops.

Marble Handicrafts like flower vases / pots, wash basins, Antique marble items. i.e. water fountains, stone animals, stone birds , stone sculptures, columns etc. can be used to enhance the beauty of your living room, garden, entrance, drawing, reception area.  Hence Marble handicrafts are decorative item and enhance the beauty of the space.

Indian Marble is available in various colors design and texture naturally and it is known by different names like Rainforest Brown, Rainforest Green, Rainforest Yellow, Brown Fantasy, Mercury white black, Eta Gold, Ita gold, Iceberg, Polar white etc.

Indian Marble Slabs tiles are available in various sizes and finishes.

Marble finishes - Honed, Mirror Polished, Leather, Brush Antique.

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