Paradiso Bash Granite


paradiso-bash-Paradiso Bash Granite is wavy, with a mixture of gray, violet, brown and black. It looks best when it is glossy, honed and flamed. Paradiso is available tiles and slabs of varied dimensions. The look of this granite is dark in color, with gray and violet miniature spots.  Paradisso Bash Granite is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Paradiso bash granite stones are available in a wavy veins pattern of various shades of brown, gold and gray colors with white and black specks. We offer Paradiso bash granite stones that are extracted from some of the best quarries in India. These stones are hard and hence sturdy. Paradiso bash granites are durable; wear proof; scratch, moisture, mold and heat resistant and requires very little maintenance. These granites make an excellent choice for kitchen-tops, counter tops, table tops, walls & floorings. We offer these Paradiso Bash granites in different finishes; Polished, Honed, Flamed and leather finish/ Satin. Paradiso Bash granite stones are very reasonably priced.

DHARTI CRAFT, INDIA is an Exporter Supplier of Pradiso Bash Granite Slabs & Tiles, Paradiso Slabs, Paradiso Tiles, Paradiso 10mm Calibrated Beveled Tiles, Paradiso Small Slabs, Paradiso Big Slabs 300x200 from India. Indian Paradiso Granite.

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Specifications of Paradiso Bash Granite
Classification Granite
Offered in Block, Slabs & Tiles
Finishes  Polished, Honed, Leather/Satin, flamed/fired, Shotblast
Standard Specifications Random Slabs of 18mm, 20mm and 30mm Thick.

Polished, Calibrated & Beveled Tiles of 10mm Thickness.





Cut to Size Tiles 18mm, 20mm and 30mm thick.

300x300 / 300x600 / 600x600mm.

Tailor-Made Specifications Possible
Recommended Applications Interior & Exterior
Delivery  4 weeks

Technical ASTM DATA

Technical ASTM Data Paradiso Bash Granite
Technical Information Value ASTM/ INDIAN Standards
Water absorption, % by weight 0.26 C-97
Density (Bulk specific gravity) 2.66 C-97
Modulus of rupture, N/ mm2



Compressive Strength N/ mm2 Dry - 130
Wet - 141