Products:- An approach to understand the Natural Stones according to the applications in Construction industry, Home Interior and Exterior.

There are various type of Natural stones available in INDIA and world. Main categories are: GRANITE, MARBLE, TRAVERTINE, SLATE, QUARTZITE, SANDSTONE, LIMESTONE, TRAVERTINE AND SEMI PRECIOUS STONES.

We should choose the stone depending upon the area environment (Look of the area) and its usage.

SLATE STONE: These are the softest stone and can be pealed out with any regular pressure. These are recommended for wall cladding and low activity floors with proper sealing. Slate stones are available in Natural, Tumbled and polished finish, but the beauty of this stone is more visible in only Natural finish. These are available in Tile and small slab size.

QUARTZITE STONE: These are harder then slate, due to quartz particles in it and are mostly used for interior cladding and flooring. Used also for Table tops. Quartzite Stone are available in Natural, Tumbled, Polished and Brushed Antique finish. Natural, polished and Brushed all these types have there different look and pull out the beauty escaped in the depth of stone. Sizes available are Tile and small slab size.

TRAVERTINE STONE: It is a soft stone and mostly used to give an antique look to the wall. It look antique in the natural finish and mostly available in tile size.

SANDSTONE: It is a soft stone and mostly advised to use outside the building in Natural finish for Cladding and garden/pathway flooring. Interior walls in Natural, polished, sandblasted n brushed finish. It absorbs water very fast and it can take heavy hot and cold temperatures. Outside floors are recommended in Natural finish only. These are available in Tiles, Natural small slabs and medium size Gangsaw cut slabs.

LIMESTONE: Harder then Sandstone, used as sandstone but it is more brittle. The flooring interior is recommended in Polished/Honed finish and exterior in Natural finish. Cladding can be of Natural, polished or honed finish. Due to the smoothness of this stone, these are very much recommended in Natural Steps, Benches, Garden Table tops etc. These are available in Tiles and small slab sizes.

MARBLE: Marble is a type of Limestone, it is basically more smooth in Natural and give an attracting antique look to the floor, wall or any top. Polished and Brushed Antique finish is available. These the available in tiles and Gangsaw size slabs. Some of the Marble like Rainforest Green n Rainforest brown have a classic brushed antique finish.

GRANITE: Very Hard stone, Used in interior n exteriors. These are available in Tiles, small and gangsaw slabs. These have varies finishes, like, Honed, Polished, Brushed, leather and flammed. These are recommended based on the area of use.