silver grey quartzite or grey color slate tiles used for floor tiles or wall tilesSilver Gray Quartzite is also called as Ostrich Grey slate tile / Grey slate or Gray slate paving slabs is Origin of India. Especially Ostrich Grey is one of dense quartzite tiles. It's extremely hard and very much suited for outdoor use. Ostrich Grey has a very distinctive grey color with very little variation; very occasionally, you can see little veins or clouds of gold/rust on its surface. The Silver Gray Quartzite tile is available in 12x12, 12x24, 24x24inch size. In addition to various finishes especially Polished, Leather and Natural top finish.

It has a rather rocky texture that can take the abuse dealt to it by metal snow shovels while still feeling easy on the feet.

Applications of Silver Gray Quartzite:-

The Silver Gray Quartzite works well with most other colors as it illuminates and reflects the energy of the colors of the surroundings. The pure pristine silver, shine of the stone would give the surroundings a lighter hearted and optimistic. Due to its excellent texture & durability it has been used in bathrooms, showers and other delicate applications. Silver Grey slate tiles bring in a touch of individuality to your floor / wall and innovative landscaping feature & thus imparting personalized accents to any Home or garden. Leather, Honed / polished Silver Grey slate displays excellent patterns & layers of mica and quartz on the surface.

This stone can be used in any application. Even though it is honed / polished it does not become slippery when wet making it an excellent choice in the bathroom. Buy Silver Gray Slate from India, we assure best price Silver grey slate always.

We recommend to seal the Silver Gray Quartzite tiles with good sealer for long life and maintenance free.

Protection, durability and beauty are just a few of the features of slate. Being a good conductor of heat slate is ideal in any area.

Manufacturer and supplier of Silver Gray quartzite & Ostrich Grey slate tile:-

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Classification Slate Origin India
Quarry Deposit Layered
Quarry Excavation Hand split layers
Chisel Splitting Possible
Gangsaw Sawing Not possible
Offered In Tiles, Slabs, cut to size
  Both faces natural

1)One face natural, other Calibrated

2)One face Honed - other face Calibrated.

3)One face Brushed - other Calibrated.

4)One face flamed - other calibrated.

Tailer Made Specifications Possible
Carved Articles Not possible
Recommended Applications Interior and exterior
Suitability Medium to Low Traffic
Consistency Multicolor
Fragility Sound
Delivery 4 weeks
Silver Grey Quartzite is a silver color natural slate tiles used for flooring and wall tiles.
Grey Slate paving slabs grey color slate used for paving or wall tiles in leather type rough finish