tan-brown-granite-004Tan Brown Granite Tiles India is a consistent granite with a  dark blue and brown background with chocolate brown flowers.  Tan Brown Granite Tile India worktops have an inherent richness which will add a touch of glamor and elegance to any kitchen. Tan Brown Granite Tiles India is set on a dark brown background with contrasting burnt orange and black crystals.

Tan Brown Granite  is a granite material that is considered effective in bringing out the beauty of your kitchen.

Tan Brown is a fascinated Granite. Kitchen favorite Granite due to its appearance.  Architects and your guests will highly appreciate your newly decorated kitchen with Tan Brown Granite.

No wonder, this is one of the most favorite granite item of homeowners not just in United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Germany, Mexico,  Australia, but also in other parts of the world.

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Specifications of Tan Brown Granite Tile
Classification Granite
Offered in Block, Slabs & Tiles
Finishes Polished, Honed, Leather/Satin, flamed/fired, Shotblast
Standard Specifications Random Slabs of 18mm, 20mm and 30mm Thick.
Polished, Calibrated & Beveled Tiles of 10mm Thickness.




Cut to Size Tiles 18mm, 20mm and 30mm thick.

300x300 / 300x600 / 600x600mm.

Tailor-Made Specifications Possible
Recommended Applications Interior & Exterior
Delivery  4 weeks

Technical Specification Data of Tan Brown
Compressive Strength 2706 Kg/M3
Compressive  Strength 181.83 N/mm2
Flexural Strength 7.34 N/mm2
Modulus of Rupture 11.28 N/mm2
Water Absorption 0.11%
Impact Test-Min Fall Height 68cm
Specific Gravity 2.72 Kg/m3
Hardness (Moh's Scale) 6.2
Tan brown Granite tiles India
Tan brown Granite tile
Tan Brown Granite Tiles India