Agra Red Sandstone


Red agra stone, red color stone used for patio paving cladding

Agra Red Stone

Agra Red Stone is available in various finishes such as natural cleft, polished, sawn,  and sandblasted to suit different applications. The edge finish of tiles and slabs of sandstone is available in sawn, hand chiselled, hand dressed. The edges of stone play a major role in the overall appearance of the architecture design. Red Agra stone has not shown any weathering effects since ages. During the archaic period it was expansively used in the construction of Indian temples, Agra Fort, Delhi Red Fort and many other forts.

In addition Red Agra stone is very responsive towards a variety of finishing like rubbed, honed, polished or sandblasted, shot blasted finish with hand cut or sawn edges.  Agra Red's decorating versatility remains incomparable. Specially due to various finishes Agra red sandstone has become favourite constructing material and recommended by Architects. The large choice of sizes allows for some creativity in laying design. The color of Agra Red stone ranges from light to dark red. Agra Stone is world famous due to its red color.

Applications of Red Agra Stone:-

Sandstone - Strength, durability, resistance to abrasion and environmental weathering, acid and alkali resistance and advantage of easy handling and availability has made Indian Sandstone the material of choice for construction and making artifacts and decorative items. Furthermore, It has variety of applications in roofing, flooring, paving, paneling, beams, pillars, doors and window sills. Especially, It has been found most suitable for carving screens. Due to its excellent workability it is fit for both exterior and interior uses.

Agra Red Sandstone got its name from the quarries location and its proximity to Agra City famous world over for being the host of one of the Seven Wonders of the World THE "TAJ MAHAL".  Indian Sandstone take its color based on the minerals proximity to the rock at the time of formation. In addition, Red color is imparted due to the presence of Iron Oxides near the bedding planes. This is hard wearing sandstone designed for conformity of color and a contemporary styling.


We are exporter, quarry owner  and Dholpur Stone Tiles Suppliers.  In addition It is used in Applications like exterior and interior elevations. Garden stones, water fountains, balls, Gazebos, Jallies, Stone sculptures are processed with  Agra Red sandstone paving | tiles | slabs origin of India. We are red Agra Stone suppliers & Quarry owners. We request you to also visit  beige sandstone.

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Classification Sandstone Origin India
Quarry Deposit Compact
Quarry Excavation Block
Chisel Splitting Not Possible
Gang Saw Sawing Possible
Offered in Blocks, Slabs & Tiles
Finishes Offered Sawn, Honed & Shotblast
Standard Specifications

Random Slabs 2cm and 3cm thick

Size 200x90cm plus 


Cut to size tiles 20mm and 30mm Thick
30 x 30 / 60 x 30 / 40 x 40 / 60 x 40cm
60 x 60 / 60 x 90cm

Custom size also available.

Tailor-Made Specifications Possible
Carved Articles Possible
Recommended Applications Interiors & Exteriors
Suitability Medium to low traffic.
Consistency Fair
Fragility Sound
Delivery 4 to 6 weeks
Dholpur stone tiles, Red Agra Sandstone used for patio paving
Red color Sandstone known as red agra stone,  naturally split used for exterior paving and cladding
Red color Sandstone big blocks excavated from stone mountain